Nuwara Eliya

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Meet Donald and Ladushan - two local young men with a new and exciting vision for the community of Nuwara Eliya.   

Our joint vision is to build a better future for the youth within our community… YOU!

We are joined by a shared passion to improve the lives of the youth in our community – who otherwise would not have this opportunity.  We aim to bring access to further education, foster entrepreneurial development and provide a place where like-minded people can GROW together.   

We’d love for you to be part of our journey. 

Our new business, GROW, will be opening its doors at the end of this month and we want to welcome you to experience this with us. 

Supported by a team of 13 individuals from all over Europe, through a partnership with Bookbridge Sri Lanka, we have developed our social business to help you reach your ambitions.