Kekirawa Learning Center (KLC)

learning center

Building an empowered and inspired sustainable community with knowledge, skills and values and a positive attitude towards life.

The Kekirawa Learning Center (KLC) is designed to meet the needs of the Kekirawa community, including children, teenagers, youth and adults, assisting them to discover their own talents and develop themselves to be self-sufficient members of the community.
The KLC provides high-quality and student-centered education and training, with a strong focus on English language, information technology and on new forms of media to all members of the community.

The KLC is a place where children, teenagers, youth and adults are able to learn how to speak, read and write in English, use modern ICT equipment and learn how to apply new media skills,  as well as explore new career and business opportunities to enrich their job and life chances and gain self- confidence and be inspired to take ownership of their own lives.

Sampath Senawatte

Learning Center Manager

A professionally qualified civil  and computer engineer who engaged in  full time community development works  by developing their life skills, knowledge & technological skills to merge them with the world & create self sustainable community members.

+94 77 771 2581