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DreamSpace Academy Batticaloa

This Social Enterprise is designed with the support of the CAP11 international team. 

DreamSpace Academy is tackling local socio-economic and environmental challenges through challenge-based learning, grassroots innovation and impact venture building. Through education, innovation and entrepreneurship the social enterprise empower underserved communities, protect environmental ecosystems, foster economic initiatives and facilitate peace building. 

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Kishoth Navaretnarajah

Social Entrepreneur - Batticaloa

Kishoth Navaretnarajah is the Community Hero of the Batticaloa Social Enterprise - DreamSpace Academy. Kishoth is coming from the background of Information Technology, Project Management, and Entrepreneurship creates mechanisms to foster social change and influence future development through Social Innovation. With a background of peace-building, community development, and research, he works passionately for sustainable social impact.

Kishoth joined Bookbridge in 2018. Since joining, he has taken the Centre to a new and innovative direction by implementing Science and maker education projects.

His innovative ideas and enthusiasm enabled the centre to a sustainable status 

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