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"Make your future shine"

This Social Enterprise is created with the collaboration of the GMP+3 international teams in a Capability Program run by BOOKBRIDGE in 2016. This was modified by GPM+6 team to upgrade to a professional level.

The Social Entrepreneur found a social issue in the community which is the most important issue to be solved to bring a community's life status to the next level – The education. The social entrepreneur wanted to support the youth who do not have the opportunity to earn a university degree to find a good job.

The Bookbridge Bandarawela Learning Center which was created by the social entrepreneur trains students in skills they really need to succeed to get their dream job. The students of the LC have not only obtained a recognized certificate at the end of their course and learned job-specific knowledge, but they have also learned new teaching methods to develop ideas, be creative, and do what they really are. Finally, with these skills, knowledge, and passion, they are ready to find a job and will be a highly valued person in their company as well as in their community.

Bandarawela: List

Pushparaja Satheeshraja

Social Entrepreneur - Bandarawela

“The students in our community are seeking professional courses. They have limited options for education and personal development in this region. My dream is to place most of our community students in top positions in reputed organizations.”

Satheesh joined Bandrarawela LC in 2016 as an Assistant Branch Manager. Promoted as the Branch Manager in 2018.

Since joining Bookbridge Lanka, Sathees has consistently brought passion and dedication every single day. His experience makes him a perfect fit as our Branch Manager.

Bandarawela: Staff

Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Bandarawela: Staff


Pavithra Punniyakumar

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